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Monterey, CA 652 Cannery Row, Monterey, California 93940
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  • Monterey Beaches at California

Beautiful Central California Beaches

McAbee Beach was once the home of Monterey's vibrant Chinatown. Today, its golden shores are a quiet place to get away. As Monterey's smallest beach, McAbee is big when it comes to attracting couples. Enjoy strolling along the surf, kayaking along the coastline, or getting up close to friendly sea otters and sea lions splashing near the shore. McAbee Beach is located just beneath the Spindrift Inn boutique .
Monterey Breathtaking Beach

Breathtaking Beach Hotel

With long stretches of white sandy beaches and shimmering ocean waters, the Monterey Bay is an unforgettable vacation destination. Enjoy an evening stroll with your toes in the sand as you enjoy breathtaking sunsets, or savor an intimate picnic along the gently crashing waves. Our intimate Monterey, California hotel is nestled right on the golden shores of McAbee Beach and minutes from many other exceptional Monterey Bay beaches.

San Carlos Beach

San Carlos Beach is situated at the end of Cannery Row, next to Coast Guard Pier and was named after the San Carlos Canning Company. Couples who are into outdoor water sports will enjoy the beauty of Monterey's best diving spot. If relaxation is your thing, unwind on a park bench in the gorgeous landscaped green area as you enjoy breathtaking views of Monterey Bay.
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